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Top attractions in Israel

(59 travelers votes)
"And to them I will give in my house and within my walls a [more]
(54 travelers votes)
The Dead Sea is also known as the Salt Sea; it is located 1,300 [more]
(49 travelers votes)
Masada is a majestically beautiful rugged natural fortress in the Judean Desert that overlooks [more]
(7 travelers votes)
The Bahai Gardens in Haifa are stunningly impressive, extending over nineteen terraces and designed [more]
(74 travelers votes)
The Old City of Jerusalem covers a mere one square kilometer, yet there is [more]
(39 travelers votes)
Caesarea, located on the central Mediterranean coast of Israel, is the ancient Roman capital [more]
(39 travelers votes)
The Coral Beach Nature Reserve is situated on the Red Sea, south of the [more]
The Mitzpe Ramon Visitor's Center is located on the edge of the Ramon Crater. [more]

Editor's picks for Tel Aviv

(34 travelers votes)
In 1987 the city made Nachalat Binyamin into a pedestrian mall by closing off [more]
(45 travelers votes)
A popular tourist location, the Old jaffa Port was once the place where Jewish [more]
(35 travelers votes)
Ha Tachana  !
HaTachana, Hebrew for "the station" refers to the old Tel aviv railway station, located [more]
(54 travelers votes)
It is certainly no coincidence that the Hebrew name for Jaffa- "Yafo"- is said [more]
(14 travelers votes)
Rothschild Boulevard (known in Hebrew as Sderot Rotshild) is one of the main streets [more]
(43 travelers votes)
The Old Tel aviv Port is a dynamic social hotspot with an array of [more]
(26 travelers votes)
The Jaffa Flea Market ("Shuk HaPishPishim" in Hebrew) is one of the main attractions [more]
(29 travelers votes)
Neve tzedek, located south-east of the Yemenite Quarter, is considered one of the prettiest [more]



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